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Frequent Questions

When you are charged with the responsibility of caring for a loved one, there is never enough information to assist you. Below is a few selected links to information that Health & Home Services feels like will be of great value to you in keeping your family healthy and safe at home.

What if I just need companion services instead of extensive care?

Health & Home Services offers home care for Seniors and disabled adults, children, new mothers, and those recuperating from illness or surgery. We even provide occasional care for those times when you need a break from the stress and structure of care giving responsibilities. The type of care needed will be determined by the plan developed by you and our health care professional.

What is the difference in Health & Home Services compared to other home care providers?

The difference is our staff. Health & Home Services is owned and operated by a Registered Nurse with over 30 years of health care experience. We are personally and professionally committed to offering the highest standard of care - medically and emotionally. We work as a team to find the right match between our employees, families, and clients. Each patient receives a "plan of care" provided by a professionally trained Registered Nurse. If you call with a question or concern, it will be handled promptly and efficiently by a knowledgeable health care professional. That's the Health & Home Services difference.

Can I feel comfortable with your staff?

Absolutely. Health & Home Services hires only the best. At the interview stage, we conduct a comprehensive review and verify the accuracy of the candidates resume. If hired, every employee is subjected to a thorough criminal background check and must pass an intensive training and orientation screening before any home visits are allowed. To retain good employees, we provide top-notch nurse supervisors and on-the-job incentives. Health & Home Services employees continue to advance their home care skills in our own Training Center where they receive hands-on, practical education from experienced nurse managers. In addition, every in-home care provider is CPR certified and drug screened. Beyond that, our proven employees are appreciated and treated with respect as "people professionals" so they pass that same respect on to you, our patient.

How does payment work?

Your individualized health care plan will determine total costs. While our services are not reimbursed by Medicare, some may be eligible for reimbursement by private insurance or Medicaid. We can provide a Health & Home Services Registered Nurse to perform a free evaluation of your insurance coverage and payment options.

What if my family member forgets their medications? Can Health & Home Services help?

A Health & Home Services, a Caregiver can assist in reminding our patients when it is time for medications.   Most families find that medication reminders are badly needed services.  As a part of medication services, the caregiver will report any side effects and assist the family with medication education for family caregivers as well.