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Frequent Questions

When you are charged with the responsibility of caring for a loved one, there is never enough information to assist you. Below is a few selected links to information that Health & Home Services feels like will be of great value to you in keeping your family healthy and safe at home.

Is my personal information kept private by Health & Home Services?

Our company follows all federal guidelines in accordance with the health information act (HIPAA).  You will receive written confirmation of the Privacy Act.

The information you provide to us will never be conveyed to any third party. In fact, only the office personnel and caregivers who are directly involved in your services will have access to information.

How do we start receiving care at home?

You can contact us directly via phone or email. Health & Home Services will make an appointment to visit with you, as well as any person authorized to fully discuss a health plan.  Health & Home Services will work with you to determine a Plan of Care and answer any questions related to the services we provide and the cost of services, as well as any insurance coverage that may be applicable to the service plan.